66cc engine kit help

  1. NewbieNed


    I got this motorized bike 8 months ago and its been a nightmare, one thing after another, and i havent been able to get it started once. Now theres no spark and ive tried everyyhing i can think of I tested the cdi with a multimeter, tested the plug, and still, no spark. I dont know what to...
  2. K

    A little help. Air Intake size effects?

    So I bought a new engine and as I was putting it on the bike when I noticed that the intake is smaller than the engine I am replacing everything else seems to be a perfect match head bolts muffler etc. Will this affect the cc's of the engine and if not what effect will it have other than finding...
  3. J

    Are the 89$ ebay 66cc engine kits ok

    Im looking for a cheap temporary engine that will get me to work and back for about 3 to 4 months any ideas im a big guy at 245 pounds so it needs to be 66cc or bigger any help would be awesome