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  1. C

    piston clearance problem

    Hello! I have a problem.I want to change the piston and cilinder but it seems ths gap is too bigon the new parts...or am i wrong?I know that gap is measured with a special high precision tool,but i can only record the gap. Please help!!! btw the piston and cilinder and accessories are new,but...
  2. Astraeus

    Where to order and what is the best high compression racing head to get? (66cc)

    anyone have a recommendation of a site i can order a good high compression head for my 66cc 2 stroke? i ordered the thunder shark pro racing kit but there was so many things wrong with the kit and the company refused to fix any of the issues so am here asking for some help when i finally got it...
  3. Astraeus

    Kingsmortorbikes.com do not order from them they rip you off... AKA gasbike.net Worst customer service ever!

    kingsmotorbikes ripped me off i spent $750.00 CAD on there shark pro racing 5hp motor kit... they sent me a box that looks like they used to rummage through for parts n gave me what was left.. missing piston & rings air filter head gasket and the exaust pipe with expantion chamber they sent with...
  4. J

    Motorize bike backfires after turning in choke

    Just rebuilt my MB and have about 3 hours on it at low rpms and 20:1 Rp oil and premium pump gas. I turned on my motorized bikes choke and it stalled out with a backfire. Turned off choke and tryed starting it again and all it does is backfire and won’t start. I’ve pulled apart the cylinder...
  5. Baconator101

    An Idea In Pursuit

    So I have these engines with the covers off in front of me and I get a thought. Would it be possible to divert the Power output out of the Right side of the China Girl instead of the left? Utilizing the three prongs or even the clutch pad cover to be the base of for a right-side mounted...
  6. F

    High Altitude carburetor?

    Any one know of any carburetors that work at high altitude for a 66cc motor? I'm a large guy who wants more go out of his set up, but am new. I have been told that a carburetor is a good upgrade both for power and responsiveness but wont work at my altitude of 7,083′.
  7. The Adventure 66cc

    The Adventure 66cc

    Not quite finished. But she runs like a dream. Dont think il be going back to Manual clutch for awhile.
  8. M

    Chain rubbing cover

    Hey! I've been perusing these forums for the last month or two and finally got my first 66cc kit in the mail today so I figured I should finally join in. Anyway, upon mostly installing my kit(for the life of me can't find an Allen key to move my stupid twist shifters) and noticed the rear wheel...
  9. Baconator101

    Bewildered and lost, 2 stroke china girl

    I was lost for a while in the labyrinth of videos that is YouTube when a thought occurred to me. Have any of you folks used the Common 2 stroke 66cc for anything other than means of tinkering and transportation? Would it be good for anything? Generator? Pressure washer? Im not talking about...
  10. Baconator101

    Centrifugal Clutch Fix?

    My clutch bell just detached itself from the small gear cog. It seems as though it was just pressed in, no solder or weld marks on it. If not fixable anybody have any luck on purchasing a decent quality one lately?
  11. Baconator101

    Rusty Spokes Suspension Beach Cruiser

    Anybody add an engine to a rusty beach cruiser with rear suspension yet??? If so how was the turnout?
  12. Baconator101

    Centrifugal Clutch Without Pull Starter

    I was having trouble visualizing how you'd pedal start a China Girl with a centrifugal clutch. I know not all centrifugal clutches are created equal. So this only applies to this specific type with the 5 one-way bearings that grip and spin the clutch bell to allow for this starting action that...
  13. M

    New Engine Questions

    Just bought a new 80cc engine online. Bought it from ebay, its a basic 80cc/66cc (Jet) engine. Ill post a link to the engine on ebay. I Was wondering if you guys have any tips for me regarding break in or assembly. I was thinking about breaking in with Opti2 at 100:1 but open to suggestions...
  14. M

    Best place to buy a 66cc engine only

    This old engine has been through a lot. Wanting to buy another one for my set up. I have been looking at the Jet 66cc engine on gasbike. Is gasbike a good seller? Shipping fast? Just to clarify. Im looking for the basic 66cc engine that come in most kits. Unless i can find something better for...
  15. Baconator101

    Grease and Lubing?

    I want to open up the HT a little and lube her up. Have some ideas, but would appreciate guidance. Where and what type of lubrication should I apply?
  16. The-DMV

    Is Bicycle Motor Works a good engine to buy?

    I'm interested in the "Advanced Race Ready 66cc" engine as shown here: https://bicyclemotorworks.com/product/advacned-race-ready-66cc-bike-engine/ I currently have a Skyhawk 66cc engine with a CNS carb, and I'm dissatisfied with their performance, especially the CNS carb. The top plate and...
  17. Baconator101

    The 2-stroke assembly.

    I apologize in advance as this is not a general question. But I thought you folks might a enjoy a glimpse of the making of that thing between your legs. I may be speaking outta my arse here, but I believe these engines were superior to the quality available now.
  18. Baconator101

    Gasbikes 66cc 12v Generator in action

    Here is a short vid of the infamous 12v Generator from gasbikedotnet. The project is not complete and I honestly am not even sure in which direction I will go next. Just taking my time with this 12v system. More info in video details.
  19. Baconator101

    60cc 2-stroke Walmart kit

    So I just checked, on Walmarts website, it looks like they have a "60cc 2 stroke kit" for sale for 119.99 free shipping, and no tax in my state. I haven't purchased it, I don't need a kit right now, but it seems like a good deal. Also the seller is a third party just selling through Walmarts...
  20. The-DMV

    How do I get these engine bolts off??

    This is my first build, and I bought this engine second hand off craigslist. The guy said that it had never been run, but I'm wondering how I get these head bolts off. It's an upgraded head, but how did he even get it on there?