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80cc engine

  1. 20200914_184537.jpg


    Fuji MX 460, stock 80cc motor with minor adjustments, does 30mph atm but still a work in progress
  2. C

    My rear wheel bearings keep breaking

    Hey i have a 80cc huffy cranbrook and i have gone through 2 rear wheels the bearings are just braking up and the inside of the hub is all torn up any help on what i could do to prevent it from happening again
  3. M

    80cc engine problems

    Okay so im normally on top with maintenance on my 80cc engine but here recently when i go to let it idle it dies while idling if you dont mind can someone give me some advise on what the problem might be?
  4. E

    80cc Motorized Bike vs 1000w Ebike

    Hello, I've recently ridden a 80cc motorized bike and loved the acceleration and speed. I've always wanted a ebike though, as it can hopefully keep the cops off my back. I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with both and could tell me whether they're relatively the same. Thank you.
  5. O

    Motor bike newbie...took my first ride today!

    Ok - Hello small motor enthusiasts. I bought an 80cc(?) motor kit on amazon, and installed it on my huffy 15 speed road/mountain bike. The throttle cable was 12"-16" too long, and to boot, the end in the handle broke off on the first ride. Apparently I have an adjustment off because the motor...
  6. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble Magneto/Stator new

    Has any one taken a dirt bike or a moped magneto or stator and put it one any Chinese 2 stroke engine if you or know someone that does know if this is even possible please help why I want to do this to have a enough electricity to charge a 12 volt battery to run lights and possible...
  7. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble electric start on 80cc engine

    Hi I am wondering can you get parts or a kit for a 80cc 2 stroke engine to be a electric start, so you can either hook up a key or by a button to turn on a 2 stroke engine please direct me to where i can learn more about this or where i can get a kit or something that be great
  8. Eddie Medley

    Engine Trouble Balance

    I was wondering that with all the perfoermsnce part you can get for your 80cc 2 stroke engine do you really need a balance crank for it or will it be fine with stock balance crank.
  9. J

    Help!! I don't know what to do!

    Hi, I am a beginner to all of this kind of stuff, so excuse me if I have to describe what something is if I don't know the name. So I bought my bike off a guy who builds bikes for a living (he has done it for 8 years so he knows what he is doing). I texted him about this issue and he doesn't...