1. JimmyNibbles77

    First Build - Tips/Pointers

    Hey guys! I'm starting my first build here in the hobby of motorized bicycles and I'm looking for any tips/pointers/things to look out for before I start the build. I'm putting an 80cc two stroke with a jackshaft kit on a GT Aggressor mountain bike. I grabbed the jackshaft kit for my bike so I...
  2. Vendedda

    A few questions from a new Builder...

    So I purchased an older used 2 stroke bike from a guy. First time ever riding one of these things, and sooo much fun 👍😁 Worked pretty good for a while, but now its having some issues. So I decided to try to build one on my own for the first time brand new. Ordered an 80cc PK80 off Amazon. A...
  3. intrepid

    Did I get cheated?

    My first upload, hello everyone. Some info about my bike, the question in the next paragraph. I had this 80cc kit since the end of the summer so its been a good time now...My engine is black. I wish I got silver cause it would looks so much better, damn! But that's not the purpose of this upload...
  4. P

    Motor mount problems

    I have a question about how I can mount my motor to my 26 inch mountain bike, the rear mount works fine but the bottom mount is far too small, I’m sure some of you have ran into this problem I’ll post pictures in a bit.
  5. I

    Stumped on why she won't run!

    One day several months ago, I was riding my pretty much brand new 80cc motorized bike and it started losing power. Soon, I had to pedal as hard as I could just to keep it running. I've tried so many things, so here is a list of what I've done, and what my symptoms are. Perhaps y'all can un-stump...
  6. CEE30F1B-2758-4B71-A820-040B69E55355.jpeg


    My 80 cc project bike
  7. 1F3DFE3A-2E9E-433B-B9E7-93D18146F17A.jpeg


    My 80 cc project bike
  8. IMG_20200315_150500.jpg


    80cc JDMspeed
  9. IMG_20200315_150431.jpg


    Tassajara Mountain bike 80cc
  10. IMG_20200315_150445.jpg


    Gary Fisher Tassajara
  11. Astraeus

    Kingsmortorbikes.com do not order from them they rip you off... AKA gasbike.net Worst customer service ever!

    kingsmotorbikes ripped me off i spent $750.00 CAD on there shark pro racing 5hp motor kit... they sent me a box that looks like they used to rummage through for parts n gave me what was left.. missing piston & rings air filter head gasket and the exaust pipe with expantion chamber they sent with...
  12. My Bike Is Done

    My Bike Is Done

    Zeda80 case reed, AMP Fork, F/R Magura HS33 Hydraulic Brakes. KTM 80 pipe, 28mm PWK, 26” Andra 40/Continental/(f)Cane Creek, (r) Sturmey-Archer X-RK8, Rare 29” Skyhawk Frame
  13. R

    NEED HELP no top end!

    So i tried posting a thread and it disappeared because I didn't have an account, well I'm back and I will use copy and paste until it works. Its a lot to read but if u can help me It'd be great! So I'm having trouble with my 66/80cc China 2 stroke. I recently built a new bike because my frame...
  14. M

    Engine Refuses to Start

    Hi all, I just received my 80cc engine kit yesterday from amazon, and installed it. Unfortunately the motor won't start, despite checking everything that I coud check and that was suggested either of this forum or on YouTube. Perhaps I've missed something.. 1) I'm using a roughly 18:1...
  15. C

    Porting Fist Time Struggles!

  16. B

    Performance loss .... HELP !!!

    So it all started when a screw for my exhaust broke inside the cylinder I tried to remove it every way possible, sadly it didn't work. I then got a replacement one online, when installing it I tightened it to much to the point that the cylinder head cracked. Unaware I tried to ride it and ended...
  17. 6

    What else can be done to maximize sh**ty Chinese engines

    So far I’ve replaced every sh**ty, self stripping nut and bolt I can. I live in the US so finding metric bolts is sometimes a challenge. I reinforced the engine mounts and chain guide and placed make shift rubber shocks between the frame and the engine to stop it from shaking so hard the chain...
  18. M

    Chain rubbing cover

    Hey! I've been perusing these forums for the last month or two and finally got my first 66cc kit in the mail today so I figured I should finally join in. Anyway, upon mostly installing my kit(for the life of me can't find an Allen key to move my stupid twist shifters) and noticed the rear wheel...
  19. E

    80cc Motorized Bike vs 1000w Ebike

    Hello, I've recently ridden a 80cc motorized bike and loved the acceleration and speed. I've always wanted a ebike though, as it can hopefully keep the cops off my back. I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with both and could tell me whether they're relatively the same. Thank you.
  20. Ollie White

    Engine not starting, despite fuel and spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...