1. M

    New Engine Questions

    Just bought a new 80cc engine online. Bought it from ebay, its a basic 80cc/66cc (Jet) engine. Ill post a link to the engine on ebay. I Was wondering if you guys have any tips for me regarding break in or assembly. I was thinking about breaking in with Opti2 at 100:1 but open to suggestions...
  2. M

    New 80cc no start.

    Hi all. I finally got my 80/66cc engine installed on my 24in road master. So far its been a big job finding and making stuff work. The carb had to sit at a 45 degree. The muffler was hitting the pedal and needed bent slightly. The chain had to be shortened and the funky rear sprocket to me a...
  3. The-DMV

    How do I get these engine bolts off??

    This is my first build, and I bought this engine second hand off craigslist. The guy said that it had never been run, but I'm wondering how I get these head bolts off. It's an upgraded head, but how did he even get it on there?
  4. J

    66cc fito jackshaft street cafe

    Because I'm too lazy to repost all the pics and info heres a copy of the craigslist add: https://westernmass.craigslist.org/mcy/5911031367.html Trying to upgrade to a project motorcycle and I've already sunk too much time and money into this this guy. Extremely fun work commuter though!
  5. WildWillis


    THIS IS A WARNING IN WHY YOU SHOULD NOT INVEST IN CHINESE MOTOR (COMING FROM EXPERIENCE) Okay, I bought a cheap $130 motor off ebay. Casting is horrible, quick and cheap/defective. Please look for good casting (highlighted in picture below). BUY OFF QUALITY TRUE SITES SUCH AS ZBOX if your from...
  6. fasjake

    i need opinions on a kit....

    I was looking at the gt6 pro racing kit on gasbikes. Looks snazzy, but i am a complete newbie to the hobby so im not quite sure what to look for. Any opinions or comments about the kit would be appreciated. Also open to suggestions of other kits.
  7. Scoobertino

    Engine Trouble Honda NH80 1985

    So I have a 2 stroke Honda from 1985 that I can't seem to get to run I drove it just fine and then one day I ran out of gas and I couldn't get it to start up after I put gas in it it finally started up but then sputtered out and I haven't been able to get it started ever since it gets dark it's...
  8. 2

    Any video ideas post below

  9. 2


  10. 2

    Motorised Help Guides!!

    If anyone need any help look at my video it may help
  11. Mp2003

    Bike too slow

    About a week ago I bought a 2-stroke 80/66cc bike kit. I installed it and after startup problems at first I managed to get it running smoothly, the only problem is, it is way too slow. It struggles to stay at 20mph with the throttle wide open. I checked the carb and the throttle runs fine, so...
  12. Sitherus

    Expensive kits

    Im out of commission until i get brakes but while i was browsing for parts on ebay, I found this http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-80CC-2-Stroke-Motorized-Gas-Engine-Motor-Kit-For-Bicycle-Bike-M-EN05-/251218007344?hash=item3a7dc29530:g:FLAAAOSwQItUCN7G It baffles me on what kind of person would spend...
  13. Shleppin

    Buying new engine

    Hey guys buying a new engine, been working on mine and it's just keeps going bad. I think it's the 49cc or something like that. Do the bigger cc engines use the same carb. I just want to buy a new one and swap everything. Can anyone give me a site or an engine to get, and what size. Thanks