1. xspade17x

    Trike wont accelerate

    So I got the bike running but now my throttle wont accelerate the bike. I think I have it setup wrong. This is my first one. Also how do I wire the kill switch that's built into the throttle when it doesn't reach?
  2. C

    Engine has no power after break in

    Hi I have a black 80cc engine that I got off eBay. It’s done a 1000km according to my speedometer at 750km I change the fuel mixture from 16:1 to 20:1 after I did that the engine started bogging I got rid of that by replacing the spark plug. But the engine still has a hard time accelerating...
  3. E

    80cc Motorized Bike vs 1000w Ebike

    Hello, I've recently ridden a 80cc motorized bike and loved the acceleration and speed. I've always wanted a ebike though, as it can hopefully keep the cops off my back. I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with both and could tell me whether they're relatively the same. Thank you.
  4. R

    142 engine feels like it's going slow

    I'm new to building motorbicycles and had my 142hs for a few months now, ever since I got it to run it feels like it's going pretty slow. It will usually not go above 20 and at top speed it bucks slightly and the acceleration doesn't sound right. Is there anything I can do to fix this?