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  1. L

    Getting run off the road

    I've been run off the road twice now in the last few years keeping over close to the shoulder to alow cars to get by where most drivers will move a bit over to be save, both my hit and run drivers didn't think I had the right I can only guess, and ran me off in to the curb where I crashed once...
  2. inspectorcritic

    Safety Tip / & Day or Night Flasher Concept!

    Went out bought new pair boots last week used my bike got off, look down notice my boot laces were untied about a foot and a half strung out. If that would have entangled with my drive chain it would have amputated my foot and then caused a serious wreck with more injuries on top of it. Cut...
  3. cmb271

    Clutching with broken wrist

    I recently broke my wrist and got some pretty severe road rash while coming home on my bike and I took the dirt road instead of the semi paved road as it's shorter, well i came around a corner and the front tire came out from under me sending me head first into the gravel. I had a helmet (which...
  4. inspectorcritic

    Law Tigers

    Just pick up a card from a large van pulling through Starbucks Law Tigers. They specialize in motorcycle accidents I ask I got a motorize bike do I qualify? She said, Yes you certainly do even bicycle our specialty. There a nation wide firm will represent you for free also pay $10,000 reward...