1. B

    Sprockets Top Hat Disc Hub Sprocket Adapter - Best Possible Offset?

    Hi all! First post. My first and current bike is a 90’s Specialized Rockhopper Comp with a dax F80 kit. I did a couple of stupid things that ultimately destroyed my rear wheel. I’d had an eye on these wheels for I while, and I ordered them this past weekend...
  2. Sitherus

    Sprockets CNC Hub Adapter Between Sizes

    I used my calipers to measure my hub/axle the part between the spokes where the CNC adapter fits. It measured 1.273 inches or 32.35mm I cant find any hub adapters that fit. What size would be right for me? I need to use to 3 point adapter like this one.
  3. cmb271

    40T CNC milled Sprocket bolts keep vibrating out

    I finally finished my bike build and I'm in the break in period but I live on a rough and bumpy road and the 3 hex bolts that hold the sprocket to the adapter constantly come loose causing the chain to pop off. I've tried Loc-tite Blue and JB weld and they still refuse to stay, Do they make lock...