air filter

  1. J

    Air Filter

    Hey everyone, I have an hp carburetor jetted and tuned perfectly to high elevation and my bike but I had a problem where the float bowl wasn't level causing too lean of a air to fuel ratio. I fixed it and leveled out the engine but it doesn't fit with the carburetors air filter on. There is only...
  2. C

    Engine has no power after break in

    Hi I have a black 80cc engine that I got off eBay. It’s done a 1000km according to my speedometer at 750km I change the fuel mixture from 16:1 to 20:1 after I did that the engine started bogging I got rid of that by replacing the spark plug. But the engine still has a hard time accelerating...
  3. Rogue..

    Air Filter will it fit?

    Will a air filter for a CNS carb work on the stock carb?
  4. N

    ram air filter housing to boost mid- & hi-range power?

    my motor's a skyhawk 2 stroke, the gt style that comes w/ reed valve (though I haven't taken in the piston skirt yet, so I dunno if the reed does me any good). I'm thinking to use a plastic cup from gas station or the plastic shade off an old florescent light to make a ram air scoop & filter...