1. My Bike Is Done

    My Bike Is Done

    Zeda80 case reed, AMP Fork, F/R Magura HS33 Hydraulic Brakes. KTM 80 pipe, 28mm PWK, 26” Andra 40/Continental/(f)Cane Creek, (r) Sturmey-Archer X-RK8, Rare 29” Skyhawk Frame
  2. A

    bike frame

    Where can i find a good bike frame or best bike to use for my new build. I'd like a beach cruiser type or a nice lowrider/chopper frame i'll take all suggestions.
  3. The Beast Evolves

    The Beast Evolves

    New Additions: Sleeved Zeda80 case reed engine, AMP Reasearch F3 XC fork, SOMA double kick stand
  4. StreetLethal

    My New MotorBike

    Just finished this build last night. Got the frame Friday.
  5. StreetLethal

    This frame weighs only 5lbs.

    I bought this frame today was surprised at how light weight and well built this frame is. I'm not sure who makes this frame because previous owner got this in a storage locker he bought at auction. Paid only $50. Going to use this frame on a new build.