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  1. F

    End of the line for internal combustion engine and electric motorised bicycles in Australia

    The end of the line for properly functional internal combustion engine and electric powered motorised bicycles in Australia. You will be hit with a $1000 fine, and have the motorised bicycle impounded. It will cost $800 to have your bike returned to you from the impound yard, and then you will...
  2. libranskeptic

    Suggested street legal petrol bike if they are banned, as in OZ (for rural folk to go to town).

    Basically the idea is a range unlimited hybrid petrol/electric bike, but the petrol component can be easily and demonstrably disabled for when the cops are about (in town?). e.g. removing a chain or disengaging the friction drive and having a cold engine if pulled over. "I only use petrol round...