bbr tuning

  1. Robert Bianchi

    Dyno results! Zeda Mafia always #1

    Check out our YouTube videos for more info about engines on the market cool tips on what works and what doesn’t. Also Check our Facebook group. ZEDA MAFIA MOTORIZED BICYCLE CLUB. 6,000 active members and growing.
  2. Chucklittle14

    Cdh66 expansion chamber

    Ok, to start off, what is the deal with the racing expansion chambers (mz65, cdh66, bbr tuning deluxe expansion chamber, zeda88 exhaust) are the all the same? Do they increase top speed by a noticeable difference? Better than a banana expansion chamber?
  3. Gotdam47

    79cc Predator Build Questions

    Hi there, I am planning to build a 79cc bike, but I am confused about where I should begin to get parts. I know that sells a kit, but I have heard and seen terrible reviews of their shipping and customer service policies, and how their jackshafts and transmissions always seem to...
  4. J

    BBR Tuning's complete motorized bicycle? Link^ Hey all, Bikeberry (and some ebay sellers) just started to sell these guys for around 500-650 and I was wondering if they're something to avoid or if they're a decent option for a...