beach cruiser

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    Just a few if my last ebike/ motorized bike builds one is a Vintage Schwinn Supreme beach cruiser with a 43cc 2 stroke Mitsubishi Encore friction drive motor, another one is my Giant Revel 2, with 48v 1000w motor a Hard V3 with the same components as the Giant then a Schwinn Del Mar With an 80cc mot
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    bike frame

    Where can i find a good bike frame or best bike to use for my new build. I'd like a beach cruiser type or a nice lowrider/chopper frame i'll take all suggestions.
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    Recommended bicycle to mount 79cc monster 80 motor complete kit on

    So I just recently bought a 79cc Monster 80 Bike Engine complete kit and need recommendations as to what kind of bicycle I should put it on. I'm trying to decide if I should put it on a mountain bike or a beach cruiser. I'm leaning more towards a mountain bike for the fact that it might reduce...
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    For starters, I have a "forward pedal" 7 speed beach cruiser...

    It has 26 inch rims with cantilever brakes. I purchased this bike with hopes that I can eventually put an engine on it. I'm a noob as my name states, so please help any way you guys can. I want to start off small and safety is essential. I was thinking of trying to modify it to disc brakes so...
  7. Unboxing the Roadmaster GranitePeak

    Unboxing the Roadmaster GranitePeak

    I originally brought this bike already assembled by Wal-Mart for 78 dollars plus tax. Within the first 24 hours, the bike wouldn't shift down into first gear. One the second day the handle bars slipped. I read reviews about it being a good bike so I returned it and decided to assemble it myself.
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    1st project need help.

    I got a bicycle kit along with a micargi beach cruiser a few weeks ago.I've been trying to find ways to add a disc brake but can't really find anything. Would anyone know of a part or something to guide me in the right direction.
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    Fat tire on stock 26" Beach Cruiser?

    Hey all, i'm looking to update my rear single speed tire to a fat tire to maybe 26"x3" but am unsure if it would fit and where to actually get them. I can only find front tires or you have to build your own from scratch which in all honesty seems to cost a fortune from the sites I have found...