1. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel idea

    Back in 1917, Joe Merkel created the Merkel Motor Wheel. It was a small engine that adapted to a modified fender and a coaster brake hub to turn any bicycle into a motorbike. Here's a few pics of a restoration: Now i'm wondering if it's at all...
  2. J

    Rusty crankshaft

    I recently disassembled my engine, to check everything and I was very disappointed. I used my bike every day, stored in a garage, so that's not the problem. The bearings are dry and the crankshaft started to rust. I'm using 1:30 mixture, Repsol Competition synthetic oil, the cylinder seems well...
  3. sirandsir

    Quick Question about Headset Bearing Size.

    Stripped down my headset yesterday because it was making a grinding noise. The bearings inside were corroded. So I need to buy some new ones from, are all bearings a standard size on MTBs (GT Avalanche 2.0 2008) I have oiled the old ones till I can get some grease -...
  4. sirandsir

    wheel bearing

    The high quality bearings,from szr-bearing
  5. Frankenstein

    Unique, hard to understand problems, and too many variables.

    Well, first time posting on this forum (or any motorized bicycle forums, for that matter,) so I'll give the back story of my bike(s). Around the same time last year, I picked up a cheapo 150 or so dollar happy "go lucky or broke" time engine from that Gasbike site, worked beautifully as a single...
  6. Melina

    Spare Parts for James Superlux

    Hi there! I'am new in this forum and need your help :-) I will repare my old James Superlux and now my old bearing cap and hub cap is to used to reapare. So do you have or do you know somebody who have spares for this motocycle? Thanks for you help! Cherioo from Switzerland Melina