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  1. A

    first bike build i need insight thanks

    Hi I'm getting ready to build my first bike for me and my son in Michigan this will be his Christmas gift. I need some good insight I've read many post. I've found good bikes at Walmart if you know better I'm listening, now it's time to ask the experts. I would like to use a centrifugal cluth...
  2. N

    Is my bike motorizable

    I have carraro crp690 and i wonder if it is motorizable. https://carrarobisiklet.com/dag-bisikletleri/carraro-crp-690-erkek-dag-27-v-hd-26/ here the link of bike. It has hydraulic disc brake and 26 inch wheeles. Frame size is 18inch.
  3. Brendan

    Beginner bike.

    I am building a motorized bike for my senior project in high school. I have a bike that works and I can mount the engine on. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or help you could give. Anything can help, engine suggestions, mounting suggestions, especially dealer suggestions. Thanks!