belt drive

  1. N

    Need help making a rim into a pulley

    I need some help. This forum is GREAT and I think someone here can help. I'm making moving art from an old 10 speed bike, and want to use the rear rim (kept in place, but without tire or tube, as a driven pulley that's driven by an electric motor. Will a standard V-belt work? If not, what...
  2. Pablo

    4G 1C Transmission from SBP We have a limited quantity of the 1C belt drive transmissions to sell for $99 $69
  3. S

    Where can I buy a new belt guard for motorized bike?

    I am currently looking to buy a new belt guard to put on the belt tensioner on my motorized bicycle. Does anyone know where I could purchase one? I have a 4 stroke motor if that helps. My belt guard fell off my bike and got destroyed and I am currently trying to buy a new one to cover and...
  4. Will'smotobikes19

    Cool idea (my current bike project)

    I have this engine which is a Mitsubishi tle-43 clone (if you compare them they are the same). It is 49cc and has a starter and electrical system. What I was wondering is can this be attached to the GEBE belt drive kit? I know it states the tle43 was compatible. If so it could probably be made...