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    High Altitude carburetor?

    Any one know of any carburetors that work at high altitude for a 66cc motor? I'm a large guy who wants more go out of his set up, but am new. I have been told that a carburetor is a good upgrade both for power and responsiveness but wont work at my altitude of 7,083′.
  2. 66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    1. Shipping was pretty fast I ordered the engine on May 24 for 169 dollars with free shipping. I got it on Wednesday May 31. It's estimated arrival was June 1 so it got here early. None of the parts were missing, it does smell like it's been used. It did not come with an instructions manual.
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    Sachs 301 motor

    Hi I have a used Sachs 301 with all controls and gas tank but the rim is broken motor runs selling for 200 plus shipping Steve Spalleck 250 767-2117. Peachland BC Canada