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    My bike
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    49cc Pocketbike engine on bicycle?

    Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone knows if the huasheng 49cc 4 stroke gearboxes will bolt onto the 2 stroke pocket bike engines. I know they're a bit under powered but they're pretty cheap and you can get an upgraded version of them and they have a centrifugal clutch too. I've seen 2 or 3...
  3. Marion Cobretti

    For Sale Custom 43cc Bicycle FOR SALE

    Selling my 43cc motorized bicycle. I have a video up where I ride the bike then talk about about it. If i was to give a quick description right now. Bike is fully aluminum, 26in rims, super lightweight (trust me I know i had a 66) automatic, 2 stroke, super sexy. I did lots of internal engine...
  4. V

    For Sale - Custom Motorized Bike

    This is a fully custom Motorized bicycle. It has a pitbike engine with custom jack shaft assembly to pedal while engine is in neutral. Has full brake lights, turn signals, head light, and running lights in rear. Also has battery ..full custom exhaust, gas tank, everything really is custom on...
  5. M

    PA laws?

    Hey guys, I just ordered an engine for my first build. I ordered the 66/80cc flying horse from bikeberry (mainly because the state has my license for the next two years). So I was wondering what kind of road laws anyone can tell me regarding this size engine on the streets. Any and all info is a...
  6. Frankenstein

    Easy cheap lift idea..

    I picked up this nifty animal dressing hoist at Harbor freight, the bull ring as well, 13 and change for the lift, and 5 for the ring. I don't know why it is sideways, can't do anything about it..won't do anything about it.... Makes it pretty easy to lift a bike in a tight space like on...
  7. 66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    1. Shipping was pretty fast I ordered the engine on May 24 for 169 dollars with free shipping. I got it on Wednesday May 31. It's estimated arrival was June 1 so it got here early. None of the parts were missing, it does smell like it's been used. It did not come with an instructions manual.
  8. The-DMV

    Is Bicycle Motor Works a good engine to buy?

    I'm interested in the "Advanced Race Ready 66cc" engine as shown here: I currently have a Skyhawk 66cc engine with a CNS carb, and I'm dissatisfied with their performance, especially the CNS carb. The top plate and...
  9. Baconator101

    The 2-stroke assembly.

    I apologize in advance as this is not a general question. But I thought you folks might a enjoy a glimpse of the making of that thing between your legs. I may be speaking outta my arse here, but I believe these engines were superior to the quality available now.
  10. Eddie Medley

    Fat tire

    Could i put a 3 inch fat tire on the a 2 inch rim so i can put it on my beach cruiser bicycle at the rear so it looks a little bigger rhen the front?
  11. J

    BBR Tuning's complete motorized bicycle? Link^ Hey all, Bikeberry (and some ebay sellers) just started to sell these guys for around 500-650 and I was wondering if they're something to avoid or if they're a decent option for a...
  12. A

    What bike?

    Hi, I have been thinking of building a motorized bike and I found everything I wanted but what bike to build on. Any bike below 200$ will work fine for me so if there are any that you have used and could recommend, that would be great.
  13. A

    Bike recommendations

    I am looking to build a motorized bike. I was looking at a huffy cruiser with coaster brakes which is what a neighbor of mine had used. I was about to buy this when I started researching coaster brakes and I...
  14. DotScott

    Any Riders in the Boston Area?

    Hey everyone! Recently got a motorized bicycle and it's great fun and all but I feel like it would be a lot more fun riding with others. Any other riders in the Boston MA Area? Any meetups or anything I could be a part of? Please let me know!