bike trails

  1. miracle_ring

    Just Received The First E-Bike in My Life: M-150 Addmotor Fat Tire Folding E Bike

    I ordered this bike on the weekend from Amazon, I got contacted by the shipper on Sunday to verify the shipping address.. it shipped Monday and I received on Tuesday. Took me and my 3 yr old less then 30 mins to unpack and test. I used the bike for a lunch run a few miles from my office and...
  2. inspectorcritic

    Neat News Front Range Trail

    Found out yesterday day in Colorado there is a bike trail that runs from New Mexico through Colorado to Wyoming! I don't know about you but I hate to ride in the street way to many close calls nervous can't relax the bike trail no worries about cars slaming your ass dead or crpple been hit 7...
  3. inspectorcritic

    Finally Got my Japan Chopper Going!

    It's the GT 80 4.5 HP ported 66cc but I'm still worried I had a Shanghai chopper it grinded it's guts out took out spark plug while my finger around aluminum dust this one sounds like it's grinding too! I hope to f*** got enough oil in the gas. The f***ing CNC carb falls off no matter how one...