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  1. A

    bike frame

    Where can i find a good bike frame or best bike to use for my new build. I'd like a beach cruiser type or a nice lowrider/chopper frame i'll take all suggestions.
  2. A

    Centrifugal clutch 49cc

    I’ve been looking for a solid company to buy a 49cc centrifugal clutch engine kit. Any suggestions please leave links or names please also do they have engines with electric start just curious. Drop best bikes to possibly buy to fit the engine thanks
  3. Julien LONGUEMARE


    Hello everyone I am member of the team Urban Drivestyle in Berlin. We manufacture products of brand UNIMOKE” and more particularly of the electric bicycles than we dispatch through the whole world. We propose the cool look of a auto-cycle vintage at very last technology e-bike! Our selection of...
  4. RoadMaster Granite Peak

    RoadMaster Granite Peak

    I brought this bike at Wal-Mart for 80 dollars plus tax with a 2 replacement plans for 7 dollars. Later on today, I will be posting my written and video review of the bike.
  5. Kayson

    4 day newbie

    I've been doing a lot of research on motorized bikes for the past few days and I'm looking to buy the 26" Micargi Stealth fit motorized bike kit. The total in the cart without shipping is around 500 dollars. Bikeberry says that all their bikes carry a weight of 200lbs max. I weight over 200...
  6. The-DMV

    Matching grips for twist throttle on right and twist shifter on left?

    I'm building my bike with a NuVinci n171 hub, so I'm going to put the twist shifter on the left. Does anyone know of matching grips I could get that have a 7/8" short grip for the left, and a 1" standard grip for the throttle?
  7. Eddie Medley

    bending steel bike frame

    I know there a way to bend steel, but I need to know what is best way to do it because i ask for my a cruiser bike frame has a two inch tire and 3 inch of clearance but i want to have a 3 inch fat tire to 4 inch fat tire depending how much i can bend the steel. I want at least 1/2 inch...
  8. A

    What bike?

    Hi, I have been thinking of building a motorized bike and I found everything I wanted but what bike to build on. Any bike below 200$ will work fine for me so if there are any that you have used and could recommend, that would be great.
  9. R

    29 inch wheels / tires

    Hello, recently I've had a bit of an incident with my motor bike (which I'd rather not go into detail with). My main problem now is that I need to replace one of the tires for my bike, but being that it is such an uncommon tire I am having a hard time finding a replacement. It is a 29 x 1.125...