1. intrepid

    BMX build, would like some advice before I go about this...

    I plan to motorize a bmx bike. Here is what i want. quick looks good good power, good engine/kit frame mounted cheapish, i guess everything BUT the abomination i built last year.(Big, heavy, tires one inch thick, pain to work on, chinese engine, big mess with doing anything, tires pop nearly...
  2. N

    Where can I find tires 20x2.6 or larger?

    Ive got a custom 20 inch fat build going but i need tires for a friction drive, specifically 20x2.8. I think 2.6-3.0 would work but 3.0 is really pushing it on my frame. I found [these 20x3.0]( But the seller says do not...
  3. Khamsin

    Question regarding BMX bikes

    I'm aware that Most BMX bike frames are too small to mount a motor on the inside but would it be possible to put the engine on the seat post either mid frame or behind it ?