1. Will'smotobikes19

    Has anyone tried using safety torx fasteners on bike engines?

    So improving safety of your ride if you're in town or at the store or in the hood sounds desirable. My question is has anyone used safety torx bolts on their bike engine? I know you can get a cdi that needs a key and use bike locks, but if someone was messing with your engine they would only...
  2. crank_addict_760

    where do i find USA made studs/locknuts and bolts?

    in need of advice. i need to know: where is the best place to find upgraded replacement mounting studs for my 2stroke. and other recomended replacements... i also would like to know the size to get... i recently had my engine mount stud break off and want to replace all hardware on my engine...
  3. M

    New Engine Questions

    Just bought a new 80cc engine online. Bought it from ebay, its a basic 80cc/66cc (Jet) engine. Ill post a link to the engine on ebay. I Was wondering if you guys have any tips for me regarding break in or assembly. I was thinking about breaking in with Opti2 at 100:1 but open to suggestions...