break in

  1. R

    Rebuild and break in

    So I'm wandering if you need to break in a piston and jug after rebuild
  2. A

    Full throttle all the time, 20 mph max speed

    Hello, motoredbikes gurus! I have been a long time lurker, and built my first bike over the course of the last few weeks. Everything went really well, and I carefully followed the advice of many of you. I am currently in the break in period of my bike. I am using a 32:1 mix. I have been through...
  3. Sitherus

    over posted oil question with a twist

    have I been mixing my gas wrong the whole time? I just read that its 16:1 for break in and 32:1 after, the manual states its 16 parts gas to 1 part oil, but i always thought it was 16 parts oil to 1 gallon of gas I just started to break in a new build and im running 32:1 because I thought that...
  4. lukecanna

    How to properly break-in a motorised bike engine

    Just trying to compile all the research i have found on the sit3 into one post. From what i have read and what i think, its best that you run your motor in at around 20:1 (16:1 which is recommended usually clogs your exhaust up with unburnt oil) non synthetic oil for the first 3 tanks or so and...
  5. Q

    Break In Proper carburetor tuning during break in.

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you about my problems with 80cc engine I have. I am trying to break it in properly, as instruction says. I use 1:16 semisynthetic oil mix with 95 unleaded gasoline. Problem is low top speed - about 20mph(30km/h). Engine starts four stroking above that speed...
  6. J

    Performance parts before break in

    I ordered a new bullet train 80cc motors and I was wondering is it safe to use performance parts on it like a sbp expansion chamber and other things like reed valves and a speed carb.
  7. G

    Engine Trouble bike doesnt start well

    I built a new bike about a week ago and have used it 5 times. each time it takes 5-10 attempts to get going. The first few times no matter how fast I pedal, the engine slowly dies down and stops. I've tried priming it but still takes many attempts. Could it be a problem with bad 2-stroke oil...
  8. C

    Break In Break in period

    There are many opinions on how long the break in period should be including doubling the oil... What is the proper break in period? How many tanks?
  9. Mohamad Azzo

    Break In Trying to start engine for the first time...starts then stalls!

    Hello all, I have a 2 cycle 66/80cc engine that I bought from Took a week to install because of their crappy parts but I am finally finished. At first, the bike wouldn't start at all. I would pedal and pedal and give it throttle and release the clutch and it would just stop the...
  10. cmb271

    Break In What's the best way to break in an engine?

    Okay, I'm in the planning process of building another motorized bike but doing it properly, I didn't do enough research in the beginning and I paid for it. My original bike I feel I didn't break it in properly and this bike I'm planning to build will be my daily commuting machine, it has to get...