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  1. RocketJ

    Gas and brake pedal

    So here's an idea. Most older motorcycles have a foot brake. What if i were able to attach another pedal next to that brake and wire it to the carb, creating a gas pedal? Aside from being a bit wider, i think it would work pretty well. What are your thoughts?
  2. RocketJ

    Looking for safticycle dimensions

    Does anyone have the dimensions for a 1955~ safticycle or know where to find a similar frame?
  3. RocketJ

    Is it possible to modify a 4 Stroke to have an idle like the chinagirls?

    I'm working on a new project that involves attaching a 4 stroke engine, probably a small 3/4hp briggs to the hub of the back wheel of a bike. Now the only way this could be done safely would be if I could get the engine to stop rotating and idle similarly to a china girl when you hold the clutch...
  4. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel idea

    Back in 1917, Joe Merkel created the Merkel Motor Wheel. It was a small engine that adapted to a modified fender and a coaster brake hub to turn any bicycle into a motorbike. Here's a few pics of a restoration: http://motorenowacja.pl/merkel_motor_wheel/pl Now i'm wondering if it's at all...
  5. RocketJ

    4hp cruiser progress

  6. RocketJ

    4hp briggs cruiser project

    We finally hit a break in the weather in upstate New York, so I took the opportunity to work on my btr/powerplus bike. This bike originally started out as a sportsman flyer with a cheap china girl slapped on, but I soon realized that it just wasn't doing the bike justice. I ripped out the old...
  7. RocketJ

    3 hours later and this old beaat is almost ready to run

    Thanks Curtis fox for the beautiful donor engine.
  8. RocketJ

    Jackshaft Need help building 3hp Briggs Jack shaft

    I plan on installing a jack shaft and suicide shifter on my bike. I was offered an old 3hp Briggs motor, which is fantastic, except for the fact that the crank case has no mounting holes, which makes a torque converter unusable for the build. Instead I've decided to go with a home made...
  9. RocketJ

    Wanted 3 or 4 HP motor (Capitol District of New York)

    I'm looking for a 3 to 5 HP motor in the capitol district of NY. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  10. RocketJ

    Looking for: 4/5hp motor & shimono coaster brake

    I live in the capitol district of new york if anyone has any of these parts. As far as an engine, preferably an old briggs or predator.
  11. R

    Custom Bike frame

    Wanted to post this on here since I haven't been getting much interest on other sites. I have an old Columbia bike that's been stretched about 6 inches and has a motor plate for a 5hp Briggs engine, but will fit others. Basically a blank slate, just the frame, wheels, and seat. The back wheel...