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  1. Idlandz

    Almost giving up on my first 4-stroke build

    So last summer I saw a video about a motorized bike build on YouTube. Seemed simple enough. Just slap that old 4-stroke on there and bam, cheap motorcycle. I found my dad's old trash mountain bike and bought the standard Huasheng 4-stoke all in one kit on Ebay. After putting everything...
  2. Sitherus

    GT5 No torque Low Speed

    My engine is a GT5 Stinger with a Jakes head and a ported cylinder body. I'm running a yz700 exhaust and a boost bottle. I also have an rt carburetor and an SBP shift kit, with an HD freewheel. My Bike frame is a Felt Vintage Iron Bolt, with a sealed gas tank. Im using the recommended NGK...
  3. J

    Motor exploded in smoke?

    I've had my bike up and motorized for a few months now and have probably around 400 or so miles on it. While I was getting ready to ride it today, I made it about a block away from my house and the stock muffler broke off of its pipe. I figured no big deal and picked it up and dropped it back...
  4. J

    Throttle and Chain attachment

    Ok, so I bought this engine kit on February 2017, due to my sh*t skills. It's still having troubles, though the engine and everything is attached. I consistently have troubles with throttle cord length, the throttle sliding and keeping both chains equally attached to where they don't pop the...
  5. H

    Clutch Clutch won't re-engage/disengage after starting engine

    Hey, sorry I'm not sure weather pulling the clutch in is dis engaging or engaging, but I have a problem with my little two stroke engine on my bike, the clutch will start the motor and disengage it when you (with lots of pressure on the brakes) stop. But as you are riding and try to pull in the...
  6. Caleb Allen

    Engine Trouble **!! MY BIKE WONT START !!**

    I have been given a motorised bike to fix and got it running perfectly, then I come back 4 days later of not riding it and the bike was really hard to start and then stopped working. So I tested the spark on the top of the cylinder head and had no luck. I brought a new magneto, a new cdi and a...
  7. Nahom

    People who make and fix petrol bikes.

    Hi all I am new to all of this but does anyone know anyone in the West Midlands- any motorbike dealer or private person who can fix mine?- I'd really be so grateful. Also any in Oxfordshire? I am told I have a flooded engine because I forgot to use the choke. Thanks, Nahom
  8. Randall

    Broken Coaster Brake Arm

    Anyone know if this is repairable? Broke it trying to get the right angle for the new sprocket assembly. I guess I could fabricate a new one using this one as a template.