1. Robert Bianchi

    Bt100/YD100 coming soon to

    This is a big bore china doll! We just got our first sample in today and will be ordering in the next few weeks. Dyno testing coming soon.
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    BT80 thoughts?

    The bullet train engine looks pretty cool, it has electric start and you could probably run lights and a horn off of it. It's $289 on Do you guys think it's worth the money?. You could change out the bearings for Japs and do other things to make the motor last longer. Might even...
  3. Tom can

    BT 80

    Just wondering what u guys think of the bullet train 80 2 stroke good or bad experience with them etc. life of motor , speed, torque, reliability. Thx in advance for comments. TC
  4. K

    Bt80 engine wiring help

    Im just gonna get straight to it.. I have a bt80 or bullet train engine. Leftover green and orange wires, instruction manual says its for headlamps or horns. How do i install a horn and headlamp with those wires? Whats it the big red toggle switch on the throttle grip combo used for? I...
  5. K

    bt80 enine break-in help

    i just bought the bto80 online and i'm confused about their break in period. On page 37 on the pdf it says to use a quality 2 stroke on step 3. Then on step 9, it says to change motorcycle oil after break in and to change...