bullet train

  1. Tom can

    BT 80

    Just wondering what u guys think of the bullet train 80 2 stroke good or bad experience with them etc. life of motor , speed, torque, reliability. Thx in advance for comments. TC
  2. M

    Engine Trouble Flying Horse Bullet Train Mystery Problem

    So I get on my bike to leave work, start it and let it warm up, and drive out of the parking lot all with no problems. I pull out and sit at a stop light, make a turn, and start on my way home and- out of nowhere, my motor seems to stop driving my bike! I had to push it a couple miles home. It's...
  3. K

    Bt80 engine wiring help

    Im just gonna get straight to it.. I have a bt80 or bullet train engine. Leftover green and orange wires, instruction manual says its for headlamps or horns. How do i install a horn and headlamp with those wires? Whats it the big red toggle switch on the throttle grip combo used for? I...
  4. J

    Stretch Cruiser Bullet Train

    This bike has been a challenge, and is far from finished, but this thing is getting lots of look around town!
  5. R

    80cc bullet train estart

    So i invested in the new bullet train electric start engine. My question is im getting a lot of drag on take off this thing is im assuming single gear automatic as i have had to put some bell ray gear savor in it and theres no clutch line... So how would i get a better take off my 49cc 4stoke...