carb problems

  1. Sitherus

    eBay carburetor air leak proof?

    I bought a carburetor on eBay because my delarto sha clone was making me lose power. This carburetor is supposed to be better. I bought it and it said 3 day shipping, it took 2 weeks to arrive and came in a smashed box with a cracked air filter housing. When I put it on the bike it turns on...
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    VM18 carb mount too wide for intake.

    I'm having more problems with my build. Where the Mikuni VM18 clamps it is much wider than my RSE reed valve intake. Could I get a thicker plastic shim and use that or do I have to get one of those case reed valves with the wider pipe mount. I'd prefer just getting the shim since I already have...
  3. 6

    What else can be done to maximize sh**ty Chinese engines

    So far I’ve replaced every sh**ty, self stripping nut and bolt I can. I live in the US so finding metric bolts is sometimes a challenge. I reinforced the engine mounts and chain guide and placed make shift rubber shocks between the frame and the engine to stop it from shaking so hard the chain...