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  1. wesrb

    Offset Intake Manifold?

    So I just built my motorized bike, but unfortunately I am having to run it without a carb filter because I cannot get the carb filter to fit onto the carb because it runs into the frame. I was wondering if the Offset manifolds would affect my performance negatively or not. Any suggestions and...
  2. S

    Throttle Issue - High speed from start and throttle does nothing.

    I have currently just done my first bike about 2 days ago but I am having an issue with the throttle grip and the bike is instantly wanting to always hit max speed while the throttle does absolutely nothing. (I pretty much have to hit the clutch -> killswitch -> Brakes in order to stop because...
  3. D

    Boring out carb?

    Would boring out a carb have any performance benefit, top end or low end? You would obviously have to rejet. I'm running a dellorto sha 14mm clone, just curious if this would have any benefits boring it out, or if it's even possible.
  4. UDAHOE24

    Air bubbles coming from carb

    Just installed a new zeda motorsports 5.5hp stage 2 engine and at wide open throttle it empties the fuel line untill it's just froth. I've already drilled a hole in the gas cap, and I've cleaned the petcock filter but my problem persists. I'm running a runtong carburator that was supplied with...
  5. N

    Need help with idle

    I just got my bike back up after a few years and it runs fine. However when I pull the left lever and stop the bike so it idles, the engine gets incredibly loud and starts vibrating hard. I've adjusted the idle pin thing in the carb in a few positions and it's the same. Any advice for getting my...
  6. J

    Dellorto Carb

    Replaced my nt with a dellorto and now I have a good idle, maybe a little high but sputtering mid range and bogging high end. I've lost considerable power and speed. Any ideas? Jet?
  7. C

    What’s causing my throttle problem?

    I’m able to get my bike started, it idles, then dies because the throttle isn’t doing anything. I’ve checked the cable and the carb opens. I noticed my spark plug wasn’t working shortly after. Is there any chance that the dying spark plug was interfering with the throttle? I just ordered an NGK...
  8. J

    Choke does nothing, can't find vacuum leak...

    So I will preface this question by saying that I have had a lot go wrong with my bike lately and there may be multiple issues at play here... So the problem that I am having is that the motor is idling high and when I start unscrewing the idle adjust screw, once I pass a certain point it goes...
  9. S

    Clutch problems

    First off, sorry for posting in the general section. It wouldn't let me posted under carbs. Anyway, I have a standard 66-80cc motor on my bike. I was on a ride when all of a sudden the clutch just quit engaging. I replaced the bar and bearing ball. But I honestly don't know what the hell I'm...
  10. motormike777

    How straight does an NT Carb have to be

    To work properly? I'd imagine pretty straight but. Mine is slanted towards the front of the bike now because of this intake manifold and the way the motor is mounted. I'll go ahead and start drilling the flange at the motor for a better angle and check back here for any info from you guys. Thanks!
  11. Ollie

    Huasheng choke/carb problems

    Hi guys, I have a relatively new Huasheng 49cc which had been working fine at first and I was very happy with it. Yesterday though, after a long stretch of full-throttle riding when I was late to work, it developed a weird problem. When the engine is hot or cold, it won't start in either choke...
  12. Raamastak

    Carby Best carb for stock 66cc engine?

    Hello all I hope you are doing well. I've recently discovered I need to buy a new main jet for my stock nt carb (thanks for the help blueoval) but after doing some reading and some people still having problems after re jetting I am considering just buying an all around better carb do you guys...
  13. Raamastak

    Running too rich

    Hello all I'm new here on the forums, after sealing up the air leaks between the intake and carb and intake and cylinder I started to get to Rich of a fuel air mix. After reading Aussie Steve's post about carb tuning I moved the needle adjustment to the leanest point, this helped but I am still...
  14. lukecanna

    Engine Trouble Loss of Power, Popping in carb

    Hi Forums, I am in the 2nd tank of run in and when i was riding the bike i noticed fuel around the carb so i stopped to check it out and then when i went to start the bike again it did not have any power when i tried accelerating. Sometimes it would jump and have some power but it would make a...
  15. B

    Carby Needs some info

    I just bought an 80cc pedal start engine and it came with 2 carbs but it doesn't have the tub that goes from engine to carb can someone tell me what it's called or we're I could get one real cheap Thank you
  16. S

    HP carb problem

    so i bought one of those hp carbs of ebay. watched a few tutorials and then put it on my bike. it started up and everything seemed fine but after driving a while i noticed that the bike had lost power instead of gaining power. picture of the...
  17. Ollie White

    Engine not starting, despite fuel and spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...
  18. C

    Engine Trouble fuel/air mixture problem

    So I just got a 2 stroke bike and when I try to start it, it fires a few times and then sputters out. I'm guessing its a problem with the fuel to air ratio but I've tried lots of different choke positions and nothing seems to work. I took apart the carburetor and nothing looked out of place...
  19. E

    starting problems

    Hi all Ive recently rebuilt my gas bike. I believe it is a skyhawk GT5 motor that I put on a GX7 frame and wheels. I had to add some spacers onto the throttle cable to stop the outer sheath from moving. Its not perfect but it did mostly solve that part of the issue. The current problem is...
  20. B


    Hi all i put a new carb on and said there we are good , started it and had to fight it to a stop as it took off. let out all of the idle screw and made sure it closed fully , restarted it and still so fast as to be grabbing at the bell. any thinkins ? i have an assort of friction drive kits...