1. Matt Barrack

    My petcock is useless

    Whether it is on or off, fuel goes through. I can run my bike in the off position. So because of this, fuel can freely go through when the engine is off and I can't do anything about it. Will this hurt my bike or is it fine?
  2. Matt Barrack

    Carb Leaking

    I just filled my bike with gas for the first time. I was priming it and then after a few pumps, fuel started coming out from the primer and from under the air intake. Anybody know what is going on? This is my first project and I know how engines work but I'm no specialist. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. The-DMV

    Replacing entire electrical system? Please help.

    I've been getting a very weak spark or no spark at all since I first ran my bike last week. The first time I tried starting it, it ran great for half a mile, and then started to lose power and sputtered out and wouldn't start again. I tested the wires with a meter and I thought the CDI might be...
  4. B

    Help!! My bike won't stay on anymore

    Hi so I built a 2 stroke motorized bike and it's been sort of a pain so far but it was finally working good but then I took it out yesterday and I would get up to speed then drop the clutch and give it gas and it seemed like it started but really weak then when I give to more gas it comes to a...
  5. J

    Fuel economy and float questions

    Hey all, been having a strange issue and I think it has to do with either my ignition, fuel lines, or float height or even all 3. I havent been able to tell yet by pulling off the bowl but I think my engine is consuming more fuel than my lines have been able to pull from the tank and it suddenly...
  6. N

    Engine Trouble carb leaking tons of fuel - float bowl problem I think

    my motor wouldn't start even though I had spark. I suspected something with the carb - maybe something was clogging the carb. so I completely disassembled and cleaned it, then did my best to put it back together correctly, but I'm not 100% I got everything right cuz now it runs, but it runs...
  7. Frankenstein

    Cns carburetor jets

    Don't give me crap about Cns carbs they run really nice and the new ones with 4 tubes are also very nice as long as you plug off the air inlet tube that is commonly hooked directly to the overflow tube (wtf are people thinking) and block off the second tube closest to the air filter (it's not a...
  8. M

    Carby Carb relocation

    Hi guys. Little back history. I have a roadmaster mount fury 24 inch frame with a black 80cc china girl. The engine clears so far but i have some issues that i wabt to touch base with. The lower tube were the mount is, is rather large and the bolt holes dont match up. I could squeeze the frame a...
  9. D

    Leaking carb

    Hello everyone. My name is Dillon and I just finished my build. The bike has a 142f 49cc Huasheng 4 stroke on it. the carb is the one that comes stock with the kits. Still in break in phase and I haven't pushed the bike much more than half throttle the whole time. On the third day, after 4 miles...
  10. Mp2003

    Bike too slow

    About a week ago I bought a 2-stroke 80/66cc bike kit. I installed it and after startup problems at first I managed to get it running smoothly, the only problem is, it is way too slow. It struggles to stay at 20mph with the throttle wide open. I checked the carb and the throttle runs fine, so...
  11. K

    Carburetor Positioning?

    I have a 66ccSquareHead Grubee Skyhawk engine that I am currently installing on a bike, and have come across my first hiccup. The carburetor air intakes hits the seat post, however it could fit if I turned it an angle (about 15-20 degrees). Would the carburetor still function properly if I did so?