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carbon fouling

  1. S

    HP carb problem

    so i bought one of those hp carbs of ebay. watched a few tutorials and then put it on my bike. it started up and everything seemed fine but after driving a while i noticed that the bike had lost power instead of gaining power. picture of the...
  2. inspectorcritic


    I just bought a GT 80 I think the carb is a Kelhin some ass**le imposed on me on assembly he swipe the black disc out of the carb hoping I would lay another sick motor on him what is it? Is that a gasket I can make? Can I run without it? I still have not fired it up. What is the model for the...
  3. Alexmeow

    Bike starts ok then dies down

    My motorized bicycle is an 80cc kit off eBay and I've been having trouble with it ever since I got it and when I thought I finally fixed it now it has a complete loss of power after about 15 seconds meaning it's top speed is like 8 mph and it can't go up any hills to save its life not even...