centrifugal clutch

  1. The Adventure 66cc

    The Adventure 66cc

    Not quite finished. But she runs like a dream. Dont think il be going back to Manual clutch for awhile.
  2. RocketJ

    I want to install a suicide clutch on my 79cc predator build

    I love the 1910 era of bikes. Board track racers are my favorite and I plan on revamping my existing BTR build to a more authentic style with a 79cc predator engine and proper clutch system. In addition to the engine swap, I want to try my hand at installing a suicide shift (pulley clutch). As...
  3. Baconator101

    Centrifugal Clutch Without Pull Starter

    I was having trouble visualizing how you'd pedal start a China Girl with a centrifugal clutch. I know not all centrifugal clutches are created equal. So this only applies to this specific type with the 5 one-way bearings that grip and spin the clutch bell to allow for this starting action that...
  4. ezrider

    Auto Clutch

    Is there any easy way of installing a centrifugal clutch on a 66c-80cc-2-stroke engine bike build ?
  5. Eddie Medley

    Centrifugal clutch kit

    Hello Has anyone have the cetrifugal clutch for the 2 stroke bicycle engines and I have a couple of questions 1. How good is it? 2. Where can I get one under $50? 3.how do you maintain it? Please help it will be greatly appreicated Thanks
  6. woodenships9797

    Crankshaft Extension Sleeve for 2 Stroke 80cc

    Where can I get a crankshaft extension sleeve for a 2 stroke 8Occ chinese motor? It did NOT come with the clutch kit I purchased online. If someone could please let me know where I can buy one, contact me at woodenships97@gmail.com or message me directly. Thank you. P.S. - thank you Fabian F...
  7. David Bogle

    HELP!!!! Where can I buy a centrifugal clutch 5/8 bore 415 chain

    If anyone can help me, I need to know where I can buy a centrifugal clutch 5/8 bore for 415 chain.
  8. R

    Centrifugal Centrifugal clutch and Start from zero (with no paddling)

    Hello, I have a 80cc chinese with regular clutch, I want to buy a centrifugal clutch in order to start from zero without paddling and I have some questions: With Centrifugal clutch, when the engine is already running, is it possible to just pull up the throttle from zero Mph and start rolling...