"chain tensioner" idea fix

  1. Gotdam47

    Chain Tensioner Need Help With GT Lts Full Suspension Chain Issues

    Hi all, I have just finished constructing a full suspension motorized bike on a gt lts frame. I have been using one spring tensioner attached to the frame and one stock tensioner pushing up on the chain. The chain loses tension quite rapidly whenever weight is put on the bike. I cannot...
  2. Dave FZ1000

    Chain Tensioner ideas

    Wonder if I'll be able to post my photo here? Will try. Got 2 ideas to help with the chain tensioner problems. My new idea, I think. It's to drill and put a bolt trough to the Chainstay, or the Seatstay, Tap the frame or the bracket and use a lock-washer to keep it, Lock-tight might be a good...