1. B

    am i crazy or is this the best idea or the worst idea to put a husky top end on one of these bikes

    ok so i am wondering if im the only one to have thought of this or is it a bad idea or what cuz im looking at this cheep assed chinese head and i am looking at the husky heads on amazon both are 50 mm or i would even like to go up to maybe the 52 mm if the bolts would line up cuz it looks like...
  2. Jag

    Stihl Ms660 56mm Project (Zeda Frankenstein) Now 54mm

    I’m Going to build a “Zeda Frankenstein” Motor that has a Stihl ms660 cylinder & piston. I’m putting this here Incase someone is looking into building one and can’t find enough info. The bolt holes on a ms660 are further out than what’s standard on a motorized bike. To fix this I’m filling in...
  3. Marion Cobretti

    43cc chainsaw/pocket bike engine bicycle ride/overview

    All info found in video and it's description. Feel free to ask any questions, thank you!
  4. Marion Cobretti

    For Sale Custom 43cc Bicycle FOR SALE

    Selling my 43cc motorized bicycle. I have a video up where I ride the bike then talk about about it. If i was to give a quick description right now. Bike is fully aluminum, 26in rims, super lightweight (trust me I know i had a 66) automatic, 2 stroke, super sexy. I did lots of internal engine...
  5. Matt Barrack

    Chainsaw VS Kit Engine

    So I got an old chainsaw that works very good. I also have a motoried bike with an engine from one of the kits you can buy. Would the chainsaw engine work better than the one from the kit? I know I made a thread like this earlier but this is more specific to my build. The current engine is a...
  6. Matt Barrack

    Chainsaw bikes

    I got a guy who wants a motor on his bike and I mentioned motorized bike kits. But then he found videos of bikes with chainsaw motors on their bikes. Is a 2-stroke kit better than a chainsaw bike? I understand that a chainsaw would take more work, but in the end, which out preforms the other...
  7. Arman_

    Full suspended 40cc chainsaw mountain bike

    Hey guys, here is my first motorised bike build, made from plywood, threaded rod, nuts and washers, and a 40cc chainsaw engine. Pretty good, had 60kmh/37mph top speed with it. The whole part on which the chainsaw is mounted is able to move up and down, there is a pedal that pushes it up (like a...