chopper motorized bicycle for sale

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    Ebay Vtg Rocket Shaped Motorcycle Chopper Gas Tank 70’s

    Vtg Rocket Shaped Motorcycle Chopper Gas Tank 70’s On Ebay
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    No clue what to do

    Hey everybody, my names Joe, I'm completely new to all this but really interested in starting to build and customize. My first question is where to buy and what to but in terms of motor kit, I was thinking of using a mountain or road bike, but my mom LOVES choppers and I guess she passed it on...
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    For Sale Badboy Chopper With Complete 12 volt Lighting System

    I have decided to sell my Chopper Motorized Bicycle with the 12 volt lighting system. If you purchase the bike, you will learn how I got power off the motor to generate voltage for the lights. The bike is built from the Grubee 49cc Skyhawk engine kit, with a Q-matic drive, EZ pipe muffler...