1. M

    Jesse James chopper build update

    It’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve made some new additions to the mini chopper. I welded a kickstand to the engine mount and added a wrench to the bottom of it for a better footing. Welded some pedals to my already existing foot pegs to allow a wider stance while riding. Welded some...
  2. A

    bike frame

    Where can i find a good bike frame or best bike to use for my new build. I'd like a beach cruiser type or a nice lowrider/chopper frame i'll take all suggestions.
  3. Dr Gonzo

    Schwinn Chopper

    ANOTHER NOOB QUESTION....are all the Schwinn chopper frames the same size? i seem to only be able to find the ones with 20" wheels and was wondering if an 2 stroke would fit on it. didn't know if they were made to be able to change the wheel size or if they made a larger frame.
  4. J

    No clue what to do

    Hey everybody, my names Joe, I'm completely new to all this but really interested in starting to build and customize. My first question is where to buy and what to but in terms of motor kit, I was thinking of using a mountain or road bike, but my mom LOVES choppers and I guess she passed it on...
  5. TinoMB

    4 Stroke on OCC Stingray frame.

    Would it be possible to fit a 4 stroke onto the OCC Stingray Frame. 2 strokes seem cool but i would rather have the throatier sound and not have to mix gas, and for the length of time you can have a four stroke running.