clutch problems

  1. D

    I think I have a clutch issue

    So I’m fairly new to motorized bikes and I’m building my first one. I already took part the clutch box and experimented with it and I realized the plate was too tight. So I loosened the flower nut and the clutch plate and reinstalled the camshaft and clutch lever when I realized I might have a...
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    Clutch problems

    My neighbor bought the bike berry stage 3 kit and is having issues. The clutch doesn’t seem to be grabbing enough and the pusher pin is almost at the end of the star nut. Clutch seems to have an unconcentric wobble (not surprised) when the wheel is spun. The motor will fire for 2 seconds and not...
  3. D

    how do i split my engine to get inside

    my small gear inside my clutch covers shaft is bent or so i think because i turn the sprocket with my ratchet socket and the engine tuns until the small gear gets around to a certain side where it looks to be closer the the big sprocket. can anyone tell me how to access it ?
  4. K

    centrifical clutch on weed eater slips

    I know this is a motorized bike website but i have a weed eater that i installed onto a razor electric scooter. Im using the orignal clutch from the weed eater to spin a belt using the original gears from the scooter. The problem is unless im going on flat road at max throttle the clutch doesnt...