1. MotorBikeFab

    Primary reduction and clutch question

    I am looking for a primary drive reduction for the 79cc Predator. I am finding some that have a plate that bolts to the engine around the 5/8" output shaft but do not know which ones are more reliable. Is the Max-Torque clutch the one to get? I am seeing several others, some that are tuneable...
  2. lukecanna

    Clutch Clutch doesn't fully disengage

    Hi Everyone, Having a bit of a weird problem here as my clutch won't fully disengage so when I pull the lever in I can still here the plate spinning on the pads. At first I thought it was my clutch lever touching the frame and loosening the cable but it is fully tightened and has little free...
  3. S

    Engine dies when clutch is disengaged

    I just got this kit a week ago, today I finally got it running. I had to buy a better spark plug. When I let go of the clutch the engine dies. I tried adjusting the idle screw and that didn’t work. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. RIZ

    Here's a real Head-scratcher

    Just mounted a new Zeda engine onto the frame, hooked up the cables and then the drive chain. Next, I engaged the clutch to roll the bike forward and after a few feet it locked up (mind you, its never been fired up). At first, I thought the bikes lower crank assembly froze so I pulled the chain...
  5. Glenng

    is the rear wheel supposed to move with good force when clutch is engaged

    Is the rear wheel supposed to move with good force when clutch is not pressed? when i push the bike with good force without pressing the clutch it moves forward an inch or two and makes a burping noise. Is this normal i think i remember the rear wheel being totally locked and unable to spin at...
  6. greenjon

    How to replace clutch on HS142F-1G?

    I got the heavy duty clutch from Staton for the HS142F-1G. How do I remove and replace the clutch? Cheers.
  7. M

    Chain rubbing cover

    Hey! I've been perusing these forums for the last month or two and finally got my first 66cc kit in the mail today so I figured I should finally join in. Anyway, upon mostly installing my kit(for the life of me can't find an Allen key to move my stupid twist shifters) and noticed the rear wheel...
  8. greenjon

    Clutch Cheap and best HS142F Clutch & Bell?

    I've heard that the clutch in the 49cc HS142F 4-stroke kits may not be sized properly to the bell. I've heard that two solutions are to buy a heavy duty clutch with larger springs, or to buy a bell that is ~.250" smaller. Can anyone provide links to the cheapest and best solutions? I'm aware of...
  9. Baconator101

    Centrifugal Clutch Fix?

    My clutch bell just detached itself from the small gear cog. It seems as though it was just pressed in, no solder or weld marks on it. If not fixable anybody have any luck on purchasing a decent quality one lately?
  10. J

    Clutch stopped working

    Clutch went out while riding. Now bike free wheels & doesn't go into gear. I read that i may have lost a key, but cant figure out how to get the 10T drive sprocket off to check it
  11. Ollie

    Short screeching sound while idling that causes engine to stall (Hua Sheng 49cc)

    Hey guys and gals, I finally decided to get a 4-stroke after going through a few 2 stroke engines over many years. It's fantastic and I wish I had bought one sooner, but there is one problem: When the engine is idling, sometimes there is a short screeching sound which more often than not stalls...
  12. RocketJ

    I want to install a suicide clutch on my 79cc predator build

    I love the 1910 era of bikes. Board track racers are my favorite and I plan on revamping my existing BTR build to a more authentic style with a 79cc predator engine and proper clutch system. In addition to the engine swap, I want to try my hand at installing a suicide shift (pulley clutch). As...
  13. RocketJ

    Suicide shifter on 79cc predator

    Hi all, long time lurker and builder here. I plan on upgrading my boardie from a chinakit to a 79cc or 212cc predator. I love the old suicide shifters and was hoping to implement one into my build. Is there any replacement for the centrifugal clutch so i can just run a pulley wheel and shifter?
  14. M

    Engine Trouble Flying Horse Bullet Train Mystery Problem

    So I get on my bike to leave work, start it and let it warm up, and drive out of the parking lot all with no problems. I pull out and sit at a stop light, make a turn, and start on my way home and- out of nowhere, my motor seems to stop driving my bike! I had to push it a couple miles home. It's...
  15. linuxvorpal

    4-Stroke Always Engaged

    I just bought a kit from bikeberry and I put it together, engine runs but the spindle is always spinning. The clutch is always engaged. I thought it was supposed to be a centrifical clutch. Did I miss something?
  16. cmb271

    Clutching with broken wrist

    I recently broke my wrist and got some pretty severe road rash while coming home on my bike and I took the dirt road instead of the semi paved road as it's shorter, well i came around a corner and the front tire came out from under me sending me head first into the gravel. I had a helmet (which...
  17. lukecanna

    Engine Trouble Clutch problem?? Please Help!!!!

    I have been pulling my hair out with my motor recently all it is giving me is trouble! I go to start the bike so i pedal and let the clutch out and the bike just skids to a halt. Piston moves in the barrel, chain spins fine i just need to know what is wrong. I have no compression issues...
  18. M

    Engine Trouble Low power after remounting engine to new bicycle

    Quick story Old bike frame broke while riding. The frame had snapped right above the rear mount due to a small crack that got worse after a month of engine vibration. (Vibration isn't bad, I used the frame with knowledge of the crack) During my ride the back wheel seized and I slid to a stop...
  19. G

    Clutch not releasing

    Upon first hookup, I find that the clutch does not release. The clutch plate does appear to try and release with about 1/8" movement maximum. Engine seems to be firmly engaged with drive sprocket. The engine does turn over so it is not seized up which shouldn't effect the operation of the clutch.
  20. Z

    Back wheel locked up

    Hi so I'm very new to working on engines and this seemed doable for me, putting everything together was a breeze but when starting up the bike the accelerator was at max and couldn't be turned down with the throttle so I turned the bike off with the kill switch and gave it another go, next thing...