1. lukecanna

    Carby Stock cns carb jet size?

    Just a quick one does anyone know what the stock main jet size is on the cns carb? It’s the latest one from JL zeda
  2. The-DMV

    Is Bicycle Motor Works a good engine to buy?

    I'm interested in the "Advanced Race Ready 66cc" engine as shown here: I currently have a Skyhawk 66cc engine with a CNS carb, and I'm dissatisfied with their performance, especially the CNS carb. The top plate and...
  3. The-DMV

    Exhaust Is this pipe I made hindering performance?

    So, I have a Skyhawk 66cc engine, and I'm still messing around with the jetting and I'm having issues with the CNS carb, but I want to make sure that the exhaust isn't part of the problem? Does this look like a decent design? I had to weld it to fit the bike. That extension after the expansion...
  4. The-DMV

    Replacing entire electrical system? Please help.

    I've been getting a very weak spark or no spark at all since I first ran my bike last week. The first time I tried starting it, it ran great for half a mile, and then started to lose power and sputtered out and wouldn't start again. I tested the wires with a meter and I thought the CDI might be...
  5. Frankenstein

    Cns carburetor jets

    Don't give me crap about Cns carbs they run really nice and the new ones with 4 tubes are also very nice as long as you plug off the air inlet tube that is commonly hooked directly to the overflow tube (wtf are people thinking) and block off the second tube closest to the air filter (it's not a...