coaster brake

  1. RocketJ

    Is it possible to modify a 4 Stroke to have an idle like the chinagirls?

    I'm working on a new project that involves attaching a 4 stroke engine, probably a small 3/4hp briggs to the hub of the back wheel of a bike. Now the only way this could be done safely would be if I could get the engine to stop rotating and idle similarly to a china girl when you hold the clutch...
  2. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel idea

    Back in 1917, Joe Merkel created the Merkel Motor Wheel. It was a small engine that adapted to a modified fender and a coaster brake hub to turn any bicycle into a motorbike. Here's a few pics of a restoration: Now i'm wondering if it's at all...
  3. Khamsin

    Coaster brake converted to front drum brake.

    I know this has been done to death but I believe I just found a way to do it. What I did was take an old sprocket, chopped it up and drilled 2 holes in it to mount an arm / lever. the brake arm is on the other side. It seems when this sprocket / arm moves backwards it will stop the wheel with a...
  4. Rebel00

    Grind Dust Cap VS. Widening Sprocket (Coaster Brake)

    I want to know what is the best way (grind dust cap or widen the sprocket)? Not really looking for just an opinion, but the smartest and safest way. I'm about to be installing some HD SS wheels when they get here (SHOULD be here tomorrow). I'm sure that we all know how it is waiting for your...