1. Neo_Epoch

    OZ Magneto - well, that's not supposed to happen

    So, bike took a crap on me when i was trying to head out to work. We've had a lot of rain lately and just figured it was water left in the stator side of the case - even after *thinking* i sealed the focker like a locker or when ut started, it ran high idle and on it's own, went to shut off and...
  2. J

    Wet magneto coil

    I'm new around here, is it possible for the coil to fail when it gets wet. (i am getting no spark) I was driving around in the rain and the bike was fine, the next day i got start it and nothing. I replaced the plug checked resistance on the cdi and on the coil and there was resistance showing...
  3. motormike777

    Magneto coil for 79 Pred

    I need a spare! Anyone know where I could go to shop for something like this? Hopefully my description was enough. It would be nice if replacement parts were more readily available... Thanks, -Michael
  4. corey123

    Coil question

    Where do i find a coil for my gas bike..and is it hard to install...recently purchased a gas bike but need's a coil...previous owner said 15-30 bucks for 1....
  5. jimichrome

    Model "F" , no spark

    Hello, I have a 1943 model "F" Whizzer that used to run reliably, now I can't get a spark to save me. I carefully checked wiring, points breaking with proper timing, condensor seems good, flywheel magnet seems strong. I bench checked coil using an ohmmeter. Resistance on the secondary coil...