1. M

    Engine Trouble Low power after remounting engine to new bicycle

    Quick story Old bike frame broke while riding. The frame had snapped right above the rear mount due to a small crack that got worse after a month of engine vibration. (Vibration isn't bad, I used the frame with knowledge of the crack) During my ride the back wheel seized and I slid to a stop...
  2. CrazyDan

    My Huffy Cranbrook

    It is about time I posted my ride. It's been a long time coming. Only the engine, throttle, rear rim, clutch and exhaust were bought new. The rest are used or dumpster finds. Yes, she's a jalopy but she runs.
  3. L

    Question: Wheel Compatibility with Cruiser

    *Disclosure*- I am a motorized bike noob. I started on my 80cc kit a couple days ago. I am mounting the kit on a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser ($80 at walmart. I originally wanted to build this as cheaply as possible.) I started by trying to put on the new sprocket but an overtightened nut gave me...
  4. Sgt. Howard

    Regarding the Huffy Cranbrook

    I think it was 2010 or 2011 when I first built a MB on a Huffy Cranbrook- most of the advise I was getting said this to be inadvisable- yet I built seven of the silly things. The only structural failures I had with the machines involved fenders of all models and the frame of the 'Panama Jack'...
  5. Aqualung

    Hello From Peoria, IL! (New Motorbike Owner Here, Help Wanted)

    Hey everybody! First off, thanks for all the great material available here... I already know this forum will be a vital source of information and advice regarding all things motorbike. I am painfully new to this "hobby," and I have all the faith in your various experiences. Alright, so...