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  1. M

    Broke crankshaft in 80cc sd stinger motor..

    Well I took the magneto cover off of the brand new engine... found that the magneto sheared off the threaded end of the crankshaft... fml🤦🏼‍♂️ On the upside I have a spare motor, would it be a good idea to tear em both down and replace the crank shaft with what I have, or order a new crankshaft?
  2. Will'smotobikes19

    How to true a stroker crank?

    If I can remove the crank from the case half I tapped it in (without heating or cooling anything yeah IK smart) I want to see if I can true or balance the crankshaft. The piston is 47.799mm so I'ts a big bore and its a 3mm stroker crank. I think I've seen people using like a stand thing or a...
  3. woodenships9797

    Crankshaft Extension Sleeve for 2 Stroke 80cc

    Where can I get a crankshaft extension sleeve for a 2 stroke 8Occ chinese motor? It did NOT come with the clutch kit I purchased online. If someone could please let me know where I can buy one, contact me at woodenships97@gmail.com or message me directly. Thank you. P.S. - thank you Fabian F...
  4. Cozmik Mezzenger

    Getting back to stock clutch

    Well, I'm going to have an interesting time trying to get this sleeve off so I can get back to stock... Anybody have any tricks?
  5. justakid108

    Engine Trouble Crankshaft won't spin

    I recently replaced the head/piston head on my bike because the last one was shredded. So now we have another problem... The crankshaft gear is bound up. Idk why, but any help would be nice... The piston like "locks" at the bottom. It clicks, then stops...
  6. Frankenstein

    Unique, hard to understand problems, and too many variables.

    Well, first time posting on this forum (or any motorized bicycle forums, for that matter,) so I'll give the back story of my bike(s). Around the same time last year, I picked up a cheapo 150 or so dollar happy "go lucky or broke" time engine from that Gasbike site, worked beautifully as a single...