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    Another shot of my Indian inspired Columbia
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    Stretch Cruiser Bullet Train

    This bike has been a challenge, and is far from finished, but this thing is getting lots of look around town!
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    Custom Bike frame

    Wanted to post this on here since I haven't been getting much interest on other sites. I have an old Columbia bike that's been stretched about 6 inches and has a motor plate for a 5hp Briggs engine, but will fit others. Basically a blank slate, just the frame, wheels, and seat. The back wheel...
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    Honda GX160 5.5HP Beach Cruiser Build

    My Project I'm starting my 4th gas bike build. I had originally planned to do a 79cc predator build. But, I saw someone had just done a well documented build and what the hell go big or go home, right? The engine I picked up a Honda GX160 5.5HP engine with electric start, for 80 bucks. It...