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  5. panmines

    Did I ever show you all how clean my 212cc predator build came together?

    About a year ago I needed to build a tough off roader bike in order to support my true passion hobby of exploring abandoned mines, many of which have derelict roads/paths leading to them perfect for motorized biking. My goal was to create a simple and lightweight off-road bike with lots of...
  6. New Belgium Cruiser with Silver HT engine

    New Belgium Cruiser with Silver HT engine

    This bike is the same as mine, except it has never been ridden and is in mint condition, except for the removal of the basket and the addition of a motor. It recently sold on eBay for $1200. I haven't decided what motor I want to put on mine
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    Another shot of my Indian inspired Columbia
  8. J

    Stretch Cruiser Bullet Train

    This bike has been a challenge, and is far from finished, but this thing is getting lots of look around town!
  9. R

    Custom Bike frame

    Wanted to post this on here since I haven't been getting much interest on other sites. I have an old Columbia bike that's been stretched about 6 inches and has a motor plate for a 5hp Briggs engine, but will fit others. Basically a blank slate, just the frame, wheels, and seat. The back wheel...
  10. P

    Honda GX160 5.5HP Beach Cruiser Build

    My Project I'm starting my 4th gas bike build. I had originally planned to do a 79cc predator build. But, I saw someone had just done a well documented build and what the hell go big or go home, right? The engine I picked up a Honda GX160 5.5HP engine with electric start, for 80 bucks. It...