custom gas tank

  1. IMG_2523


    Build from 2016. Custom frame, tank, customized leaf spring fork, Honda gx160 with electric starter, and 4" wide rims
  2. IMG_4671


    Latest build - custom frame , predator 212cc with electric starter, fat tire mag rims, customized girvin forks, fender headlight cowl
  3. Roadmaster Paint job

    Roadmaster Paint job

    Dark olive bed armor on a roadmaster granite peak bike.
  4. Custom Coffin Gastank

    Custom Coffin Gastank

    Custom Coffin Style Gas Tank, Each gas tank is custom made. Custom tanks can also be made to customers request, message me if interested or share please.
  5. David Bogle

    Hello from Lansing Michigan

    My name is David, I'm a 2 stroke enthusiast, not a kit builder so much as a Custom motorized bike fabricator. I enjoy welding, bending steel, electrical and theme bike builds.