1. 20180311_134409.jpg


    Another shot of my Indian inspired Columbia
  2. Imperial x peek cycles mb build

    Imperial x peek cycles mb build

    Designed imperial cycles frame and Custom hand made by peek cycles check out my store at -
  3. Onwaxwings

    Cafe Racer using a Echo 1099 on a mongoose frame

    Been wanting to build a bike for awhile. This is my first build and I Plan on this thing screamin up and down the road I live on. This echo leaf lower engine is pretty fuckin strong and well I work on the damn this ALL day so I figured “why not put it on a bike”. I have a mongoose bike I found...
  4. Will'smotobikes19

    GX160 bike

    Hey guys I just was wondering what you think about building a gx160 motorized bike. I saw a vid on youtube of a kid passing cars on a bike with a gx160 and apparently he can go 50mph! Thats as much as a 212cc but with smaller displacement of course he did remove the gov but I think they do make...
  5. Marion Cobretti

    For Sale Custom 43cc Bicycle FOR SALE

    Selling my 43cc motorized bicycle. I have a video up where I ride the bike then talk about about it. If i was to give a quick description right now. Bike is fully aluminum, 26in rims, super lightweight (trust me I know i had a 66) automatic, 2 stroke, super sexy. I did lots of internal engine...
  6. V

    For Sale - Custom Motorized Bike

    This is a fully custom Motorized bicycle. It has a pitbike engine with custom jack shaft assembly to pedal while engine is in neutral. Has full brake lights, turn signals, head light, and running lights in rear. Also has battery ..full custom exhaust, gas tank, everything really is custom on...
  7. M

    Sixty-seven fifty, a 79 Predator/Qmatic build

    Hi all, it has been a long time since my last post, and quite a while I have built anything other than Whizzers, both Vintage, and New Edition. It had come to my attention that a 79cc Predator could be made to run at a similar level, and with similar results as a 1946 Whizzer H-motor kit bike. I...
  8. T

    Share your Custom Builds

    My bike build goes 45mph has great pick up speeds and has been running clean without breaking for a year and a half! This is what I have purchased: 1. 66/80cc Flying Horse Silver Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit-bikeberry 2. BBR Tuning Silver Boost Bottle Induction Kit-bikeberry 3. BBR Tuning...
  9. Eddie Medley

    Fat tire

    Could i put a 3 inch fat tire on the a 2 inch rim so i can put it on my beach cruiser bicycle at the rear so it looks a little bigger rhen the front?
  10. cmb271

    Break In What's the best way to break in an engine?

    Okay, I'm in the planning process of building another motorized bike but doing it properly, I didn't do enough research in the beginning and I paid for it. My original bike I feel I didn't break it in properly and this bike I'm planning to build will be my daily commuting machine, it has to get...
  11. David Bogle


    TIRED OF SEEING THE SAME OLD "Chinese 2 stroke kit bikes"?? SHOW OFF YOUR INNOVATIVE FABRICATIONS!!! Above is my intake scoop, 4.5"x2.5 opening narrows to approximately 2x2 at air filter
  12. P

    Honda GX160 5.5HP Beach Cruiser Build

    My Project I'm starting my 4th gas bike build. I had originally planned to do a 79cc predator build. But, I saw someone had just done a well documented build and what the hell go big or go home, right? The engine I picked up a Honda GX160 5.5HP engine with electric start, for 80 bucks. It...