1. intrepid

    Did I get cheated?

    My first upload, hello everyone. Some info about my bike, the question in the next paragraph. I had this 80cc kit since the end of the summer so its been a good time now...My engine is black. I wish I got silver cause it would looks so much better, damn! But that's not the purpose of this upload...
  2. K

    Engine Trouble Cylinder coating question

    Can anyone tell me whats going on here what is that residue on the cylinder ,also is this cylinder coated, and if it is how thick is it, can it be bored to remove the old coating and re-coated ?, its a Kawasaki cylinder from the 70s , were they originally coated from the factory ?
  3. Matt Barrack

    49cc vs 66cc vs 80cc

    What differences do they have? (besides the obvious size difference) How can I tell which one I have? I made a video of my bike running (only need to watch the very end) if you can tell by the sound.
  4. Vintagemotorized

    Help!! My is my jug shot?

    my bike has had compression issues after I ported and polish the engine at first I blamed the base gasket that I made out of cheap gasket maker (it was pretty much bare metal) but when I removed my jug I found these scratches on the cylinder wall going from the top to one of the ports I believe...
  5. Nahom

    My bike starts and goes fine then fails to restart

    So as title says I ride it nonstop for 5 mins and suddenly decide to turn throttle off and stop. But when I try to restart it it just doesn't start. I realise I screwed up also by forgetting to put any engine oil with petrol. zippinaround helped show me that the cylinder and piston were now...