1. Matt Barrack

    Why do you ride a motorized bike?

    I made a thread like this earlier, but I want to try to be more clear. Why do you ride a motorized bike? Why, if so, do you prefer to ride a motorized bike? Some of my reasons: Cheap and easy to build Good way to learn about motors and modding, without spending a ton of money Most places don't...
  2. Matt Barrack

    Best motor out there?

    Out of anything people have mounted on a bike, what would be the best in performance? Whether it be 2 stroke kits, 4 stroke kits, chainsaws, you name it. What would you say is the best for speed/power?
  3. Matt Barrack

    Why motorized bikes?

    Just a question. Why do you ride a motorized bike? Why, if you do, prefer motorized bikes over another vehicle? Just looking for some opinions here. Some of my reasons: -Fun and easy to build, especially if you can't afford a motorcycle -No registration required in most places -Good way to...