1. S

    CAD model of Honda GX80

    Does anyone have the CAD model for Honda GX80?I have started making it on my own on solidworks but I am not sure how far I am going to progress so please help me out!Thank you!
  2. M

    Motorized 80cc trike with pedals for bicycle path rules

    So I want to build a tricycle with 80cc 2-stroke engine for about <200Eur and I want it to be considered as a bicycle so i can ride on paths legaly (bc as long as it has pedals ur ok). Now the easiest way of geting pedals would be to put them on the front wheel with freehub but that can get...
  3. David Bogle


    TIRED OF SEEING THE SAME OLD "Chinese 2 stroke kit bikes"?? SHOW OFF YOUR INNOVATIVE FABRICATIONS!!! Above is my intake scoop, 4.5"x2.5 opening narrows to approximately 2x2 at air filter