disc brakes

  1. JerboaJohn

    re-using the rear disc brake caliper?

    I was curious if I can buy a disc setup front/rear and just re-use the rear caliper and rotor on another bike for the front? I'm looking at an Avid BB5 or BB7 160mm set. it's a lower end set < $60. I can only mount the fronts, on the 2 bikes I have. probly won't do rear disc for a while bc...
  2. Sitherus

    jack shaft brakes

    Hey guys, I have a build I've been working on for 3 years. The frame is a felt iron bolt, it can only take coaster brakes. I am using the SBP shift kit with the 5/8 shaft. Do you think this https://www.ebay.com/itm/162274101135 would work? Or would it brake the jackshaft?
  3. greenjon

    Cheap suspension forks with disk brake? (1-1/8" threadless)

    I'm taking suggestions for a cheap but good fork with suspension. Needs to be 1-1/8" threadless. Needs to have disc brake mounts. Cheers.
  4. N

    For starters, I have a "forward pedal" 7 speed beach cruiser...

    It has 26 inch rims with cantilever brakes. I purchased this bike with hopes that I can eventually put an engine on it. I'm a noob as my name states, so please help any way you guys can. I want to start off small and safety is essential. I was thinking of trying to modify it to disc brakes so...